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Sales Update - 08/19 - New costumes and Lucky Box of Supremacy!

Dear Players,


We would like to inform you that the following offers have been just added to the Item Shop:


This offer is valid until 08/22/2014:

- Lucky Box of Supremacy - NEW! (see description below)

- Another Bunny Costume* - NEW!

- Royal Guard Costume* - NEW!

- Clothes of Recklessness Rider* - 50% off!

- Nano suit Costume* - 50% off!

- Pharaoh Costume* - 50% off!

- Clown Costume* - 50% off!

- Samurai Costume* - 50% off!

- Cowboy Costume* - 50% off!

- Yukata Costume* - 30% off!

- Hanbok Costume* - 30% off!

- Alice Costume* - 30% off!

- Persian Costume* - 30% off!

- Hansel and Gretel Costume* - 30% off!


*When purchasing one of the costumes you have a 50% chance to get a free E-Repair Powder!

Lucky Box of Supremacy: Youll receive ONE of the following items with this Lucky Box:


  • WEBZEN Icon*
  • 1x E-Protect Powder
  • 2x Ancient Element - Skill
  • 1x Big Yak Skin Bag
  • 1x E-Repair Powder
  • 1x Soul Creature Re-specialization Potion
  • 3x Sealing Scroll
  • 1x Galaxy Stone
  • 1x Rage Stone
  • 1x Transmogrifying Charm
  • 20x Scroll of Creature Taming

Note: One item from the list will appear in your Item Shop Inventory. You have a small chance to obtain a WEBZEN Icon that will allow you select one weapon from your inventory to be enchanted to +20.


Please contact us via Helpdesk (Rappelz >> Event category) with:

- your character / server name
- weapon name


and we will take care of the enchantment!


So what are the costumes looking like? Here you go:


Bunny Male


Bunny Female



 Royal Guard Male Royal Guard Female



Hansel Gretel



 Persian Male  Persian Female



 Alice  Alexander



 Hanbok  Hanboka



 Yukato  Yuakta


Remember, this offer is only valid until 08/22/2014!


Kind regards, 

your WEBZEN Team

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