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Preview Epic IX Part 1 - A new dungeon, new monsters and new weapons

I woke up to the sound of someone furiously knocking at my door. As often in the last weeks it was raining and dark as night, although it was only around midday. When I opened the door, my good friend Aurelius almost fell into me. He was soaked and out of breath but his eyes were open wide.


He had been travelling for almost 2 days to reach my hut, but he knew that the news he was carrying with him was of my utmost interest.


A strange new portal, fully covered in spider webs had appeared in the pitch black woods a couple of days ago.



Two brave adventurers on their hunt for Blue Pixies had discovered it but no one dared to enter and see what was behind it yet. That's where I came into play. Since the early days of my childhood I was trained to become a fearless warrior, searching for the unknown, protecting the people of light. I had passed the master class trials as the youngest contender ever and now was the Mercenary your Grandfather romanticizes about in the stories he tells you in front of the fire place.


This was it. Duty called. I knew exactly what I had to do. I packed my mace and my bow - my beloved weapons that always were of great service to me. Full of enthusiasm I mounted my Nightmare and went on to the pitch black woods. But what I discovered when I entered the portal was nothing I had prepared for. The horrors had arrived in our beautiful lands...



The Circus is coming to town - are you ready for a new adventure?


Epic 9.1 is due to arrive soon (make sure to check our previous announcement if you want to learn about skill balancing) and will introduce "The Circus", a brand new, instanced, high level dungeon.



Laughter and screams roam in the heart of the pitch black woods, where new challenges await those who dare to enter the mysterious portal. Evil clowns, trained animals, dangerous jugglers and sneaky acrobats pave your way to the hardest boss monsters you've ever encountered in Rappelz.


New monster = new friends?


Did you train your taming skill? Try to get hold of one of the new monsters and bosses and face them with nothing but an empty pet card in your hand. Remember: they won't go down without a fight, but you might be rewarded with a new companion for life.


 Monkey see...  ...Clown do  Don't underestimate acrobates


7 new rare and 3 new unique creatures are waiting for you in the depths of the circus. 


 Mephisto is a book lover  While Lillis only needs her claws And he doesnt need anyone



The armory


Your old weapons have proven themselves in endless battles. But with the new expansion, the fights will be harder, longer and more strength-sapping than anything you have seen until now. But if you throw yourself into the battle, you will have access to the most powerful weapons of the continent. New slicers, piercing bows and devastating staffs wait to be discovered and swung against the forces of evil.


One hand Sword   Dirk One hand Mace  One hand Axe One hand Staff 
 Two hand sword Two hand Mace  Two hand Axe  Two hand Staff  Spear 
Longbow  Crossbow   Mage Wall  Shield  


The new weapons will reveal their true power after getting unsealed with a magic scroll. If you're after that extra per cent of crit power, p.att or m.pierce, simply combine the weapon of your choice with one of the mystical scrolls and say your prayers. In addition to the weapons you will also have the chance to loot new and shiny accessories: precious rings, beautiful necklaces and fashionable earrings.


The circus is coming to town soon - you won't need a ticket but all this precious loot will come at a price. 



And that's it for this time!

Stay tuned for another sneak peek into the Epic IX - Part 1 next week, with a focus daily quests, game improvements and much more!


* Please note that all you see and read is not final and is subject to change with or without prior notice.


Have a great time in Rappelz!

The WEBZEN team

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