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Epic IX Part 1 - Maximum level & class skills rebalancing

People of Gaia,

Epic IX - Part 1 is getting closer, and it's about time to get ready for the changes it’s bringing about!


Today, you'll discover a bit more about the way skills are being rebalanced with the extension, and the increased maximum level.

Bear in mind that this is only a fraction of what's coming for the Epic IX - Part 1. We will reveal more information in the near future, so that you can grasp the full picture!



The new Epic will introduce a new dangerous high level dungeon. Luckily, you will get more powerful to face this new challenge!
You will be able to reach level 180, with a Job level up to 60. This will net you substantially higher stats, so a level 180 / 60 character will pack a serious punch!

But what about the Job points you've already accumulated today? They won't get lost, and you will instantly get the job levels you deserve when 9.1 rolls out!





Many changes were already introduced with Epic VIII - Part 3 to class skills. This new extension will introduce smaller, finer adjustements to improve the balance of the game.


Below you’ll find a brief overview of the changes applied to each class:


The Overlord

The Overlord was a bit lacking in damage compared to other summoners. It will benefit from lower cooldowns and increased attack on several skills (including pet support skills).


The Deadeye

The Deadeye life will be slightly lowered, and some of its ranged skills will do a lot more damage to better reflect its ranged attacker role.


The Oracle

The Oracle mass blessings will become stackable, and some of its cooldowns will be reduced.


The Slayer

The Slayer will get many bonuses to encourage playing as a DPS/Tank, while it will suffer an important nerf to the cooldown of Cloak of Shadows (to prevent abusing stealth against monsters).
Passive 'proccable' skills will have a much higher chance to activate.


The Magus

The Magus AOE healing skills will be improved. What's more, its main attack skills will have their cooldown vastly reduced to encourage a more active gameplay.


The Void Mage

The Void Mage will get a buff to many of its offensive skills, with lower cooldowns and increased damage.


The Kahuna

The Kahuna should not be dramatically affected by this extension, but it will still benefit from lower cooldowns on his main attack skills.


The Corruptor

The Corruptor will enjoy massive bonuses to its damage-over-time abilities, and we expect everyone to dread its spells! Wisdom will also reinforce its spells much more effectively, thanks to the Occultism passive skill giving more magical attack, and even rewarding the Corrupter with a bit of extra maximum HP.


The Berserker

The Berserker will become an even stronger dual axes warrior. It’s getting a buff to some of its attacks, will generate more threat and more maximum life from his passive "Steel Presence".


The Templar

The Templar’s defensive abilities will be slightly decreased. In exchange, his Thorned Shield buff will be granting extra attack speed, which should pump his strength significantly.


The Mercenary

The Mercenary received substancial bonuses to his passive skills in the Epic VIII - Part 3.
Still, he lacked synergy with his active skills, so these will be improved with this new extension.
Overall, he will deal much more damage with his active skills, and be able to use them a lot more often.



That's it for this time!

Stay tuned for another sneak peek into the Epic IX - Part 1 next week, with a focus on the new dungeon, and its creatures and items.


* Please note that all you see and read is not final and is subject to change with or without prior notice.


Have a great time in Rappelz!

The WEBZEN team

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