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The redeem coupon code option is back!

CouponDear players,


as you might know we had some issues with the golden week event and an extended downtime during our portal merge.


We promised you to look into possible compensation options and asked for your patience while we were working on bringing the redeem code option back to our website.


Today we are happy to announce that the new redeem code page is finally up and running.

You can find the link in the “Security & Support” section of our site.


A redeem code option without a code? Of course not!

As a compensation for your troubles, allow us to offer you the following code:




Just login to our page with your user name and password and redeem the code above to receive:


-7 days of hidden village pass

-6 taming mirrors (not tradable)

-10 animal crackers (not tradable)

-10 premium stable tickets (4 days, not tradable)

-1 lootpet (Biko), timed (28 days)

-1 shoulder deco (Guardians Shield), timed (28 days)


We tried to design this coupon code as closely as possible to the Golden Week maximum rewards (VIP package), but due to the fact that we decided to make this code redeemable by every Rappelz player, had to remove certain tradable items in order to avoid possible abuses.


Be advised that the coupon code can be redeemed once per account and only until June 30th 2014.


Once again we would like to thank you for your patience and support during the last rather busy days and promise to do our best to iron out all the remaining kinks as soon as possible.


If you still have an issue with your account being merged, please don't hesitate and have a look at our account merge FAQs or contact us via the ticket system.


Best regards,

the Rappelz team

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