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Sales Update - 05/16 -Costumes!

Dear Players,


We would like to inform you that following offers have been added to Item Shop:


Yukata Costume (E-Repair)*

Hanbok Costume (E-Repair)*

Alice Costume (E-Repair)*

Persian Costume (E-Repair)*

Hasel and Grete Costume (E-Repair)*


*Buying sets* may grant you a FREE E-Repair Powder!


Hasel and Grete Costume Hasel and Grete Costume
Persian Costume Persian Costume
Alice Costume Alice Costume
Hanbok Costume Hanbok Costume
Yukata Costume Yukata Costume



The offer is valid till 05/19/2014.




- When you failed to enchant an equipment, this powder will repair your broken item.

- Your equipment will retain its full enchant strength. You will not gain enchant strength for the previous failed enchant. Soulstones in the equipment will not be restored.


gPotato Team

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