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WEBZEN Portal Merge FAQ

Update 05/19/2014: Planned changes will not take place on May 21st, but a week later, on May 27th.


In March we informed you about an upcoming change to our game portal, and we have an update for you! Click here to see our past announcement about the WEBZEN Portal Merge. This FAQ addresses questions you may have about the upcoming changes to your social experience

So,, and are merging into a single games portal, what’s going to happen to my account? 

Regardless of the portal(s) you play on, your account(s) will be merged into one new WEBZEN account, which will give you access to all the titles currently operated on those 3 portals – and all the future ones, too! 


What do I have to do to make it happen? 

It will be very simple: on May 21st May 27th, if you go to any of the 3 portals, you will see a redirection screen that will take you to the brand new WEBZEN portal. There, simply hit “log in” and enter your details. For the vast majority of you guys, that’s it. Your account will be converted, and you can continue playing any/all of the games you love, or even try new ones! 

Sidenote: as part of the process, we’ll ask you to confirm your email address, so make sure you’ve got access to it! 


So, “vast majority?” What about the “small minority?” 

Good question! In a very small number of cases, there are duplicate IDs or duplicate emails across portals. For example, if you use an account on both, and, and you have registered those accounts with the same email address, they will be seamlessly merged together. 


What if I have accounts registered with different email addresses? 

Then each of them will be considered a separate account, and become a new WEBZEN account. You see, a confirmed email address is how we identify you. 


What happens if I have premium currency (W Point (c) or gPotato) on several accounts and they get merged? 

The gPotato will be converted to Wcoin (with exactly the same cash value) and then your balances will be consolidated into your new Wcoin balance. 


Ok, what if my account ID is the same as another player’s account ID? Say I have Gandalf on and there’s a Gandalf on 

That’s another good question. Our data shows that it’s pretty rare that 2 different players (different email addresses) have the same name, but if it happens to be the case, we don’t want to play favourites, so those names won’t be available to anyone. Both you and the other player will have to choose a new account ID, like Gandalf1… or maybe Radagast? ;) 


Ok, but I heard you guys are launching new forums as well, what about my forum nickname? 

There were a lot of nicknames that people had in common there, so in order to give everyone a fair chance, we have reset the forum nickname database. You will be able to either keep your nickname or choose a new one, on a first-come, first-served basis. If you don’t want “Batman” to be taken, we suggest you update your account and try our brand new forums as soon as possible! 


Speaking of soon, when are you launching all this exactly? 

We are targeting May 21stMay 27th, but this date is subject to change as we iron out all the kinks!

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