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Epic IX - A first look!

Announcement Dear community,

Gala Lab (the developer of Rappelz) is already hard at work on Rappelz Epic IX, and we are now ready to share the first details about it.

Note that any of the following information is subject to change, but it should still give you a good idea of what's coming.

The biggest change with Epic IX will be the increase of the maximum level players and creatures can reach. The first step comes with Epic IX Part 1, and maximum player level of 180.


A lot of new content will be pumped in Rappelz for these new levels - a new very high level dungeon, creatures, items...


There is more!


That's not to say that lower levels will be ignored. The recent leveling rewards changes (already implemented) should allow everyone to get level 150 in a fast and fun way, and a strong effort will go into reworking existing dungeons and more broadly adding and adjusting content above level 150 - for example *new* master items


Better and more dungeons are always welcome, but finding a party for dungeons can take a long time.
We hear you! The tools for the community are also getting buffed:

  • A new party-matching system will be added, allowing a player to automatically join a party if he meets its criteria.
  • More systems may be patched in, like a mail system, a guild warehouse, and more... 

The balance adjustements that started with Epic VIII will continue with more fine-tuning to class and soul creature skills. This on-going effort will remain for the whole Epic IX. Likewise, bear in mind that other features listed in this news may not be added straight away with the Epic IX Part 1. They will be implemented gradually throughout the full lifecycle of the Epic.



More high level content, more tools for the community, refined balance... Epic IX is missing only one thing - a name, and that will be for YOU to choose down the line!

Enjoy the game,
Your Rappelz Team

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