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The ultimate taming experience


Greetings adventurers!

Rappelz 8.3: Omen was released more than a month ago and since then everybody is busy trying to tame bosses in Gaia.


The developers were looking into your feedback and they sent some previews about what's about to come next. We've just heard that Epic 9.100 will be a complete revolution: the most secret dream of all tamers will come true. New insane difficulty for dungeons with level 200 tamable bosses? Better! Looters able to steal that amazing item your guildmate has dropped? Boring!


GM taming will become available soon!


Epic 9.100: Taming Revolution will bring you the ultimate taming experience:

find a GM in game and tame him/her - you'll be invulnerable!


You always wondered what it would feel like to be the master of one of those creatures. And with Epic 9.100 it’s time to find out!


Learn about: GM soul taming!

5 Game Masters will be available for taming and will be classified as “Super Unique”. Unlike the Unique soul creatures, Super Unique soul creatures can learn additional skills at level 200 and 250. So these creatures will be stronger than anything you have ever experienced. It won’t be easy to capture them in an empty card – but it will be more than worth the effort! Face the mighty GM Neightril, GM Aderajna, GM Yrealis, GM Huronhen and GM Raxiyaan, resist against their powerful 2-Handed Ban Hammer and try to tame them!


Butkadah, Soulseeker, the Bone Dragon, Takin, Crustalino, Ashmaw the Devourer are nothing compared to the GMs!



What you need to know:

Is there a difference between Boss taming and GM taming?


Yes, you will always face the risk of being banned and there will only be 4 class types instead of 5:

  • Short Distance Chat Mute Dealer
  • Long Distance Suspension Dealer
  • Magic Permaban Type
  • God-mode Tank


Their skills are randomly distributed in a method similar to normal soul creature taming. Also the number of Game Masters is, as you all know, limited and some of them have a respawn timer during events that will get you into nail gnawing, fearing for when and where you should have your creature taming skill ready.


To sum it up, here are the different soul creature types of Epic 8.3 and the new GM types of 9.100:


Epic 8.3 Boss soul taming

Epic 9.100 GM soul taming

  • Short Distance Damage Dealer
  • Long Distance Damage Dealer
  • Magic Type
  • Short Distance Chat Mute Dealer
  • Long Distance Suspension Dealer
  • Magic Permaban Type
  • God-Mode Tank


Tame a GM and you will get your hands on their incredible skills!


Short Distance, Long Distance, Magic...I'm confused!


Alright then, let's go into detail:


[Short distance Chat Mute dealers]

  • Can randomly learn short distance chat mute skills
  • Mute duration is taken from a pool of default intervals (max. 999999 minutes)
  • Their stats focus on counter spam and strength


[Long distance supension dealers]

Their stats focus on agility and temporary bans


[Magic permaban types]

  • Can learn how to permaban opponents 
  • Target acquisition is based on their aggro
  • Their stats focus on discipline and a strike table 


[God-Mode Tank]

  • Their stats focus on stamina and cheat
  • They don't receive any damage from enemies
  • Those creatures can't be reported as a bug


Got it! Where do I go to tame my first GM?


To guide you in the right direction, here is a brief overview of what card can tame the Game Masters:


Icon Item Description Monster for taming
Special Basic Super Unique Empty card for taming  super unique creatures Game Masters / Community Managers



Promise: taming a super unique GM will be the most rewarding experience ever. Yes, it will be hard and only the bravest tamers will withstand the attacks of a GM while reciting the incantations necessary to bind a soul into a card. But remember: 


Tame a Game Master and you will be the sovreign of the server, if you avoid being banned first.


* Please note that all you see and read is not final and was written on April 1st 2014.


Enjoy the game!

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