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Sales Update - 04/01 - Wings + Glasses, Belt Kits, Transmogrifying Charm, Master's Hammer

Dear Players,


We would like to inform you that the following offers have just been added to the Item Shop:


- Butterfly Wings (28 days - chances to get wings with aura) + Glasses free (7 days)

- Ancients Pride (permanent version +4% to statistics) + Glasses free (7 days)

- Lima's Wings (permanent version +4% to statistics) + Glasses free (7 days)

- Angels Musk Wings (permanent version +4% to statistics) + Glasses free (7 days)

- Ultimate Belt Upgrade Kit: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

- Transmogrifying Charm

- 5x Transmogrifying Charm

- Masters Hammer


The offer is valid until 04/07/2014!


Masters Hammer:


Fully recovers the durability of a completely broken ethereal item. The Masters Hammer will be consumed.


Kind regards,

your Rappelz Team

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