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Rappelz 2014 – This year is going to be epic!


Dear Rappelz Community,


Legions of you have enjoyed the recent launch of Epic 8.3 Omen and the events that our Community Team has been running for you. 2014 certainly took off at the full speed!


We have a lot more good stuff coming to Rappelz this year and today we’d like to tell you a bit more about it.


Epic 9.1 is coming!

That’s right, Heroes, the Epic 9.1 is currently shaping up nicely and as usual you’ll be asked to help us choose the best name for the expansion! We can’t get into details right now, but there will of course be new content and the level cap increase has been confirmed. More on this soon!


Celebrate spring with us!

Back by popular demand, a freshened up Spring Event will soon bloom on your server, bringing out the gardener in you! There will be cool prizes, of course, along with the return of everyone’s favourite, good ol’ Tree Spirit Ent!


More events, you say?! Alright! You didn’t hear this from me, but there is apparently going to be a newly-designed, never run before event for Easter, too!


Design your own cloak – and see it in-game!

We’ve carefully tuned this very special event and are excited to bring it to you guys! Details will come soon, but in a nutshell, we’ll run a cloak-design contest for the doodlers and sketchers among you and the best submissions will make it into the game!


There’s going to be GM events, and social networks events, and banquets, and parties, and… and… And, yeah, you get it: 2014 is going to be EPIC!

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