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Sales Update - 03/07 - E-Protect Pack and Lucky Box, E-Repair

Dear Players,


We would like to inform you that following offers have been just added to the Item Shop:


This offer is valid until 03/10/2014:


- Lucky Box of Protection 

- E-Protect Mega Pack! (30) 

- E-Repair! Buy 1 Get 1 Free


Lucky Box of Protection - The Lucky Box of Protection is guaranteed to give you 1 E-Protect! However, you also have additional chances to get up to 100 more E-Protects!


E-Protect Mega Pack! (30) - E-Protects prevent your precious gear from breaking due to a failed enchantment! To use, place an E-Protect in the Combine window with the other materials

NOTE: E-Protects are consumed regardless if the enchantment is successful or not.


E-Repair - When you failed to enchant an equipment, this powder will repair your broken item. - Your equipment will retain its full enchant strength. You will not gain enchant strength for the previous failed enchant. Soulstones in the equipment will not be restored.


gPotato Team

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