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20% Extra Bonus! - Fill-Up PROMO

gPotato promotion Dear Rappelz community,


The time has come to harvest our gPotato crops, and give back to the community for all the support that keeps us growing. Satisfy your hunger for amazing deals with 20% EXTRA BONUS gPotato when topping up!


This offer is valid only from Friday the 28th of February (00:01 PST) until Monday the 3rd of March (23:59 PST), so make sure not to miss out!


Just use any of the eligible fill-up methods within the time period defined above and you will receive your free BONUS gPotato automatically!


See an example of how much BONUS gPotato you will receive by referring to the table below:


Amount filled up in gPotato Promotional PayPal bonus scheme (up to 31.5% bonus) Total bonus gPotato you will receive
1,000 gP +210 gP (1% + 20% Bonus) 1,210 gP
2,000 gP +450 gP (2.5% + 20% Bonus) 2,450 gP
3,000 gP +750 gP (5% + 20% Bonus) 3,750 gP
5,000 gP +1,500 gP (10 + 20% Bonus) 6,500 gP
10,000 gP +3,150 gP (11.5% + 20% Bonus) 13,150 gP


More information in the FAQs below.


Depending on your payment method and the amount you fill up by, you will receive up to 31.5% BONUS gPotato to enjoy!


This offer is available for all fill-up methods (Sponsored offers included!)


Don't delay and benefit from this unique offer by filling up your account now!


Regards, Your gPotato Team






What's going on?

There is a 20% EXTRA gPotato promotion on top of current bonus gPotato when filling up your account resulting in a total of up to 31.5% BONUS gPotato (depending on the method of payment used).



When does this offer start and end?

This offer is valid from Friday the 28th of February (00:01 PST) until Monday the 3rd of March (23:59 PST).



Does this promotion stack with the regular fill up bonuses I already take advantage of?

Yes, this 20% extra Bonus gPotato fill up promotion stacks with the usual bonuses. This way everybody can benefit from this offer.

For example, if you fill up $10 via PayPal, you will receive 1,000 gPotato + the regular 1% bonus + 20% EXTRA gPotato to make a total of 1,210 gPotato.
If you fill up $100 via PayPal, you will receive 10,000 gPotato + the regular 11.5% bonus + an EXTRA 20% resulting in 31.5% BONUS gPotato to make a total of 13,150 gPotato.



I have never filled up before, is there something I should know?

Filling up is very straight forward.

If it is your first fill up with selected payment partners, you may be prompted to fill out some personal details so that we may verify your payment.
Ensure it matches your payment account information, as our customer support team will manually verify this information before processing your payment. This can take up to 24 hours.

Don't worry however, as long as you make the transaction during the bonus promotion period, you will receive your bonus gPotato credit!



Where can I fill up?

To fill up, just follow this link!

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