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Rappelz Epic 8.3 - New inventory, new titles and new altar rewards!


This is the story of a brave fighter, whose deeds are well-known to everybody in Gaia.... On a second thought, no. This is the story of a young, clumsy adventurer, who wants to become a great tamer and have tough bosses, like Crustalino, at his service.

He's working hard to become a good tamer, to complete all his tasks, discover the new dailies and so on. The only problem is that his inventory is so messy he can never find what his looking for!

So yesterday he was so happy, he had finally managed to get an invitation to join a party with Hector and Hunter Ketec. He couldn't wait to fight at their side after all he had heard about their adventures! While they were on their way to Laksy he had spotted a fierce Angel. "Just the pet I need for my battles, I really need some healing skills!" he thought.

He opened his bag, looking for the creature card. He was nervous, he didn't want to fail in front of his new friends, he'd better act fast, before the Angel managed to escape... That inventory was so messy, full of consumables, quest items and other stuff... Where was the creature card? He was sure he had one, he just couldn't see it amid the chaos! He thought he had found the correct item and, without examining it, he casted the spell. What? That was a Four-leafed Clover Blessing, not a taming card!

"Thanks for the blessing! Didn't you say you wanted to tame that Angel?" asked Hector. "Yes, but I didn't really need that pet, I've changed my mind... I thought we could use a little boost!"

It was really time to put things in order and reorganise the inventory... Fortunately, inventories are being revamped with the next expansion, Rappelz Epic 8.3!




Every adventurer gathers an incredible number of items during his journeys, that's why inventory space is never enough! If you agree with us, then you'll be happy to open your bag and discover 39 additional slots.


 Before Epic 8.3  After Epic 8.3

You will have 81 (visible) slots  to carry your useful items with you all the time!


If mess has always been a problem, then stop worrying about it! Your storage will be reorganised, making it much easier for you to find the right item in the blink of an eye... and you won't take out a blessing when looking for a creature card!


The inventory tabs will be reworked and they will be more detailed and intuitive, searching won't be a nightmare anymore.


First of all, the tab labels will be re placed with icons, and new sections will be introduced. Your items will be organised in the following categories:




All - You can see an overview of all your items here



Equipment - Gear, decorative equipment, some event items, mounts



Consumables -  Scrolls, potions, hair and skin colors



Skill Cards 



Creature - Empty pet cards, empty soul cards, pet cards, soul cards, unit cards, looting pets



Enchantment -  Cubes and soul stones



Other - E-Repairs, E-Pros, Taming Mirrors, HV Pass, Tents, Pieces of Steel

(Any item not fitting into another category)



Quest - Quest items 



Shop items 


The inventory window will allow you to have an overview of the available items, and the action buttons to destroy or sort the items will be moved from the side to the bottom.


Sorting your items will be easier and more effective: your character's precious possessions will be arranged according to their rank, level and other criteria to make sure you can always find what you're looking for.


That's not all!


A hero's value doesn't only depend on his level and gear: skill cards are also very important! That's why we always have so many in our inventory! To make your life easier and keep your bag in order, skill cards will become stackable


Stack'em all! 


The cards will be put together depending on their enchantment level, making space for even more of them!




But inventory revamp is not the only change we want to present you today. As some of you might remember, dungeons will have four new difficulty levels. What will this mean to you? Well, it's not just about proving your value and obtaining cool rewards... Tons of brand new titles will be introduced soon! 


If you defeat a boss like Medusa or Bone Dragon at the various difficulty levels you might unlock an exclusive title, or you can be crowned Volcanic Expert for going to Vulcanus an insane amount of times or for defeating Likirus. Everybody will hear about your heroic deeds!


If you're not interested in being a "Butkadah Boss" or becoming the "Volcanic God", perhaps you want to check out how the donation system will change?




No problem, we can already tell you that the stat bonuses of the decorative wings will be boosted, for example the Seraphim's Wings will increase your stats more than twice the amount they did before. Have a look at the picture to see what we're talking about!



Trying to gain the Goddess' favour will also allow you to obtain new rewards! Have you ever wanted to have one of the famous Arena Costumes in your wardrobe, but never managed to get enough points? Then you'll be glad to know that donating will help you getting your hands on the basic, rare and unique Gladiator, Indian, Dark Mage costumes, along with obtaining amazing Creature Boxes!


Feel like a Gladiator with the Arena Costume!


Also, we can't wait to bring you the Public Test Server very soon! We're sure that many of you will volunteer to join our Bug Squad and take part in the exciting events we have in store for you! In the meantime, don't forget to read about Boss Taming and Class Changes. It's all for today, but don't worry, we'll tell you more soon. 


Kind regards,

Your Rappelz Team

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