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Rappelz Epic 8.3 - The new Underground Dungeons!


Heroes who improve themselves with daily quests are always looking for that next big challenge. As long as they have good friends, then there is nothing they will fear! I mentioned to you in my previous letter that you will have a chance to get stronger companions. You must be excited!


And there is more good news for you! 


With your new companion you can now visit the underground dungeons for great adventures. Don’t worry! An adaptive dungeon difficulty system gives just enough challenge to keep you checking out the new content in underground dungeons at your skill level!


This new system divides the dungeons into levels of difficulty to make them accessible to all types of players, including the ones willing and able to play solo. With Epic 8.3 players will be able to choose one of four difficulty levels by talking to the NPC next to the dungeon entrance.


Selecting the difficulty level on the KTS


It will give the option to players to play either solo or in groups of up to 8 members, depending on their needs. Quests can also be completed at all level difficulties except the first one.


Don’t forget, rewards will be given according to the difficulty level of the dungeon.




Let's have a look at the differences between each level of difficulty.





The monsters' statistics and experience are greatly reduced compared to the original statistics and experience under Epic VIII Part 2. 


Players will be able to play solo, provided they have the gear for it.


Monster kills will not count towards quest completion.


This level is made for beginners! So if you are new to the underground dungeons, this is definitely for you!





- Low chance to receive one piece of the Dungeon Set


- High chance of Master bravery items


- High chance of Demonic items

- High chance of a few Soul Cards

Dropping the pieces of the Dungeon Set will help you prepare your character to tackle difficulty levels 2 and 3.







The monsters' statistics and experience are reduced by 50% compared to the original statistics and experience under Epic VIII Part 2.

Players will need to play in parties. 

This is the "Normal" difficulty. Players who have experience and knowledge of the dungeons through the 1st level will be able to play in groups on this level.



Same as the level 1 difficulty, except that the drops will be adjusted for a party of 3 to 4 players.






The monsters' statistics and experience are slightly reduced compared to the original statistics and experience under Epic VIII Part 2.

Players will not be able to solo at this difficulty and a full party will be required.



- One piece of the Dungeon Set

- Some Soul Cards


This is the first level of difficulty where you have guaranteed drops, making your time spent in a dungeon party worthwhile in terms of equipment.






The monsters' statistics and experience are increased by 150% compared to the oroginal statistics and experience under Epic VIII Part 2.


Only veterans who have faced many dangers and earned the ability to work perfectly with their team mates will be able to savour the benefits of playing on this difficulty. Being able to finish a dungeon at that difficulty will prove your cooperative and personal skills to the whole Rappelz community!





- One to three pieces of the Dungeon Set


- A large amount of Soul Cards


- Twice as many rewards compared to the level 3 difficulty


When you have the power to conquer this difficulty, nothing will be impossible. Gather more rupees than you ever dreamed of, get the most epic gear in all of Gaia, or the most powerful boss to fight by your side, all your dreams will be a possibility!






The underground dungeons can be hard to master, even knowing everything there is to know about your class. Running at level 1 to check which spots are good to pull mobs in or where it can be tricky for your party is a good option. If you know your guild members want to run a DP there, maybe it would be a good idea to freshen up your knowledge of the dungeon by going solo.



If you do not have what it takes to tackle directly the level 2 or 3 difficulty with some friends, don't panic. Just run the level one difficulty a few times, and grab a few pieces of the Dungeon Set to level up, equip soulstones in your gear to enchant. That will get you up to a whole different level.



You want to look badass with a powerful boss at your side? Don't forget the underground dungeons are instanced: grab some Soul Cards and try to tame the Bone Dragon, Medusa or any of boss / mid-boss at the level 1 difficulty!



No pain, no gain they say… How true it is! So, if you dream about full moneybags, the best armour and weapons, then you will have to earn it by the sweat of your brow! Better start with level 1 and 2 difficulty dungeons and gather few pieces of less precious loot to prepare yourself for something bigger. Then, consider going with friends to a level 3 dungeon. And if you can coordinate skill combos, the level 4 will reveal its treasures to you! Good luck!




Stay tuned for more info on Inventory Renewal and more!


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Enjoy the game!

Rappelz Team

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