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Rappelz Epic 8.3 - Who's the Boss?


Do you remember?

I told you I would go into more details as soon as I could and now the time is right. My dragon and I have travelled the lands of Gaia in the meantime – fighting ferocious creatures and trying to stabilize the peace in our beloved lands one small step at a time. We both grew stronger through our trials, became tougher and learned about each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Mine were clear from the beginning. I told you about my lust for victory and the fact that I’m a believer in all things greater.


Now the time has come to take the next big step. There can’t be peace if the most evil monsters out there are safe from courageous tamers like myself. But their time has run out. OUR TIME HAS COME!


You’ve already had a slight preview when you read my last letter, providing a first look on what the developers are currently working on for the next Rappelz Expansion - Epic 8.3:


Boss taming will become available soon!

You always wondered what it would feel like to be the master of one of those deadly creatures. And with Epic 8.3 it’s time to find out!


Learn about: mid / boss soul taming!

19 Bosses will be available for taming and will be classified as “Unique”, like the White Dragon, Mystic Koala, Death Tyrant and the Arena pets. Unlike the Basic and Rare soul creatures, unique soul creatures can learn additional skills at level 150 and 155 (Passive skills). So these creatures will be stronger than anything you have ever experienced. It won’t be easy to capture them in an empty card – but it will be more than worth the effort! Face the mighty Bear Mother, Butkadah, Soulseeker, the Bone Dragon, Takin, Crustalino, Ashmaw the Devourer and many more to feel their power rising in your own hands!


Bear Mother Crustalino
Oh, sweet bear mother!  Crustalino - at your service!



5 field bosses will be categorized as “Special” soul creatures.The likes of Silex the Giant, Hector or Dominatus can be found on open fields and won’t be easy to tame. But just imagine the feeling of finally binding the mighty Hero Hector to your card!


Silex Hero Hector
 Silex, the Giant - this could be your house!  Your own Hero Hector!



14 Middle Bosses will be categorized as “Rare” soul creatures. Baron Madius, Vulcanus, Raymond and the Waste Shredder are just a few that I want to mention now. From the Trainee Island to the Vault of Lies – these creatures will give you a good fight, believe me.


Vulcanos Waste Shredder
He's all fire and flame already! Don't let him go to waste!



What you need to know:

Is there a difference between normal soul creature taming and boss taming?


There will only be 3 class types instead of 5:

  • Short Distance Damage Dealer
  • Long Distance Damage Dealer
  • Magic Type


Their skills are randomly distributed in a method similar to normal soul creature taming. Also the number of bosses is, as you all know, limited and some of them have a respawn timer that will get you into nail gnawing, fearing for when and where you should have your creature taming skill ready.


To sum it up, here are the different soul creature types of Epic 8.2 and the new boss creature types of 8.3:


Epic 8.2 normal soul taming

Epic 8.3 Boss soul taming

  • Tank
  • Short Distance Damage Dealer
  • Long Distance Damage Dealer
  • Magic Type
  • Healer
  • Short Distance Damage Dealer
  • Long Distance Damage Dealer
  • Magic Type


One more thing to add for the magic souls: the casting distance of magic soul creatures will change from short distance to middle distance. So beware of blows from afar!


Short Distance, Long Distance, Magic...I'm confused!


Alright then, let's go into detail:


[Short distance damage dealers]

  • Can randomly learn short distance physical attacks or defense skills
  • Skills are taken from a pool of skills of short distance damage dealers and tanker types of Epic 8.2 soul creatures
  • Their stats focus on vitality and strength


[Long distance damage dealers]

  • Their stats focus on agility and dexterity


[Magic types]

  • Can randomly learn magic attacks or restoration skills.
  • Skills are taken from a pool of skills of magic damage dealers and healer types of Epic 8.2 soul               creatures
  • Their stats focus on intelligence and wisdom


Got it! Where do I go to tame my first boss?


To guide you in the right direction, here is a brief overview of what card can tame what monster and where to find it:


Icon Item Description Monster for taming
Special Basic Special Basic Empty card for taming of low level monsters General field/dungeon low level monsters
Normal Rare Normal Rare Empty card for taming of normal Rare monsters Champion monster and middle bosses
Special Rare Special Rare Empty card for taming of Special Rare monsters Field boss & middle boss
Unique Unique Empty card for taming of unique monsters Dungeon boss & bosses of instance dungeons



I promise: taming a unique dungeon or instance boss will be the most rewarding experience ever. Yes, it will be hard and only the bravest tamers will withstand the attacks of a boss while reciting the incantations necessary to bind a soul into a card. But remember: 


A level 150 unique creature will learn 1 passive skill from 6 skills, which is appropriate for one of its additional stats. On level 155, the unique creatures learn 1 more passive skill from 3 skills, which is appropriate for all their skills.

The skill distribution for the new creatures will therefore look like this:


  Rare / Special boss creatures Unique boss creatures
Active skills 8 8
Passive skills 10 10
Overbreed skills 2 2
Enchantment passive skills 2 2
Enchantment active skills 1 1
Unity 1 1
Passive skills for stat increase 0 2



 Pimp your stables with mighty boss creatures, that have never been tameable before!



That is all the info I have collected on those bosses so far. I'm sure that you're as excited as I am and will join the hunt for those creatures, that have been roaming Gaia freely for far too long!


Stay tuned for more info on dungeons for Master Class experts, daily quests and more! 
Keep an eye on our website, and in the meantime, do not forget to prepare yourself for a new beginning! Your character seems to be ready? Better think again!
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One of our Community Managers will be present this Saturday to host a live Q&A on Reddit, where he'll try to answer many of the questions we know you have on the upcoming Epic VIII Part 3. We invite you to join our reddit session this Saturday,the 9th of November from 9pm to 11pm Irish time (GMT), so you can prepare your questions. You'll find the link posted on our US Rappelz Facebook Page, Saturday 15 to 30 minutes before the beginning of the session, or just check our newly created subreddit here:



* Please note that all you see and read is not final and is subject to change with or without prior notice.


Enjoy the game!

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