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Rappelz Epic 8.3 - First glimpse into the future

Epic 8 Part 3Dear Players,


It’s already more than 2 months since we released Epic 8 part 2. We do hope you enjoy all the new features introduced back in July. Loads of you wonder what’s next. You are going to be surprised!


We are pleased to be able to share with you some of the most recent news from the game developers: Epic 8 part 3 is on its way! Yes! WORK IN PROGRESS!


If you want to skip the story behind it, scroll to the bottom of the page. If not, keep on reading! 




Gaia was once a savage land inhabited by many tribes. Despite their differences, people used to live in harmony and peace. There were no wars, no conflict, no sadness...



But all good things must come to an end…


Today, nobody talks about the past. But everybody remembers. Remembers the times when the lands of Gaia dripped with the blood of a thousand warriors. They remember when all the rivers, once crystal clear and free running, were transformed into a thick, reddish liquid. They remember a time when mysterious dust shrouded the trees and plants across entire continents. A time when nothing remained, nothing except the faintest glimmer of hope hidden deep inside those people’s hearts.


To prevent this situation from happening again, every year a group of the greatest warriors was designated to endure the hardest training. Their aim was to defeat and tame powerful Dragons – legendary beasts living deep inside the earth that ravaged the land many years ago. I was one of those warriors.


People said that the Dragons did not exist. Nobody from my village had ever seen one! But I, I was a believer… 


One day you will stride with dignity next to me… shoulder to shoulder… You won’t be my master anymore, I will be yours!  I kept repeating this mantra to myself and in the meantime I was practicing. I was practicing hard. I tamed all popular creatures. Then I tamed soul monsters. It wasn’t easy, but I mastered my profession.


Daily quests kept me alive. My bag was full of precious rewards and Pet Cards. I needed more room. I had almost everything, but most importantly I still had faith! Faith that one day I would meet the Dragon.



The time had finally come.  I said ‘goodbye’ to my old father and set off on a long journey through unknown, strange and dangerous lands. In search of the Dragon! Days passed… weeks… months… I was hungry, tired and aching. But there was no respite! Not now! The lust for victory is something that cannot be stopped. It permeates both body and mind overriding all rational human thought.  So I kept walking… and fighting. 


That night was cold and the fire burned way fast. I pushed my face toward the cold wall of an unexplored cave and closed my eyes. Sleep. That was something I really needed. Suddenly, a bright light and cloud of magic dust filled up the whole room – the air was so dense I could barely breathe. I narrowed my eyes trying to see what was actually happening. A strange and very powerful thrill swept through my body and mind. I realised what it was! The Dragon! It was now or never! My last chance!   


Did I tame it? Yes. Are you curious what happened? Well… the only thing I can tell is that I remember the sparks of fear and envy in people’s eyes when I came back to town with my beautiful dragon! And I was his master! I WAS HIS MASTER! 



The legends are passed down from generation to generation. Now it’s your turn to create your own history! Your own legend! Soon, you will have a chance! What am I talking about? Well, keep on reading! I’m sure you are going to be surprised!


It’s already more than 2 months since you were able to tame almost every monster in Rappelz. But I’m sure there are loads of warriors that are exactly like me – they want more.  That is why we are pleased to be able to share with you some of the most recent news from the Rappelz developers: Epic 8 Part 3 is on its way! How do I know, you may ask. Well… that’s my secret! But… keep calm for now because all that you will see here is still in the  development processes, and was only shared with me 3 days ago. I will go into more details as soon as I can – that’s only the beginning of my story! 




So for now, here is the good news, here is what will come with Epic 8 Part 3:



* Play daily to grab cool rewards: Quests for high level players with exclusive items as rewards!



* Have you ever wondered how it feels to own a boss for real? Believe me, it’s a great feeling! Want to find out by yourself?! Soon, you will!



* The underground dungeons are too difficult for your party? An adaptive dungeon difficulty system gives just enough challenges to keep you checking the new content at your skill level! Great new rewards await!



* Can’t keep your inventory tidy? Something is in the works!

* You always need more space? I thought so. We are the same. Good news is that the devs are looking into it!

* Stackable Skill Cards?! Would be great, right?! I heard there is something about Skill Cards incoming.


It’s really exciting! After Epic 8 Part 3 is released, we will be able to fight against ferocious Bosses, turn them into allies and guard all the inhabitants of Gaia, together! 


I do hope that you will be able to see all these new features in the future on Rappelz Test Server as usual!


But in the meantime, resume your play time on Rappelz and get ready for a whole set of new adventures!


And remember… the lonely struggle is doomed to failure.


* Please note that all you see and read is not final and is subject to change with or without prior notice.


Enjoy the game!

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