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Sales Update - 09/03 - Chaos Stone, Costumes & more

Dear Players,


We would like to inform you that following offers have been added to Item Shop:


Ancient Chaos Stone (1 + 1 free)

5x Honorary Knights TP Card Treasure Chest (+ 5 Ancient Skill Cubes for free)

Samurai Costume (E-Repair)*

Clown Costume*

Clothes of Recklessness Rider (E-Repair)*

Nano suit Costume (E-Repair)*

Pharaoh Costume (E-Repair)*


*Buying sets* may grant you a FREE E-Repair Powder!



The offer is valid till 09/09/2013.




- When you failed to enchant an equipment, this powder will repair your broken item.

- Your equipment will retain its full enchant strength. You will not gain enchant strength for the previous failed enchant. Soulstones in the equipment will not be restored.


gPotato Team

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