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Rappelz Epic VIII Part 2: Forgotten Depths is live!

Dear Community,


We are pleased to announce that the new Epic VIII Part 2: Forgotten Depths has finally been released!


No doubt you've checked out our previous community news regarding lower dungeons rebalancing and Soul Pets and previewed some of the many new features in this game-changing expansion.




Thanks for asking! We have prepared for you the Patch Notes. We highly recommend that you read the patch notes in full, as this Epic brings many game-play enhancing improvements, awesome new systems, new dungeons, and so much more!





In addition, we have a whole host of events running to celebrate the Forgotten Depths release, so check out our Event forums! There's an event for everyone!


This Epic is all about making new friends: players and pets all play together. There is strength in numbers, so be sure to organise many dungeon parties, enchant your Soul Pets and invite your friends to be part of the best Epic that Rappelz has ever known!





The update can take some time to download, so why not watch and share our trailer!


Share this with your friends and win!


 How do you feel about the new Forgotten Depths? Do you feel ready to surpass yourself?


Then you can! We are preparing a special event for you: share the video, explode the viewcount on YouTube, and make you and all of your friends happy! The more people who discover Epic VIII Part 2, the richer the rewards! 




We can help!

First of all, make sure you've read in full our patch notes where you can find the manual update.




  1. Download the manual update;
  2. Navigate with Windows Explorer to your Rappelz installation folder;
  3. Move the manual update into the main Rappelz installation folder;
  4. Right-click on the manual update and choose "Execute as Administrator"
  5. Do not launch the game straight away!
  6. Wait for the process to complete (blue bars must be completely filled and a pop up window "Upgrade Complete" must appear);
  7. Click on the pop up window OK button;
  8. Launch Rappelz through the launcher as usual.


If you continue to encounter technical issues you can use our technical forum and ask your fellow players for help. You may also contact our Customer Support Team as a last resort if nothing helps, they will happily help you.

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