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Community News - Introducing Soul Pets!

Dear players,

We are happy to show you more of what's coming in Rappelz Epic VIII Part 2!

As you know, Rappelz has made its fame on its unique pet system, and is still the most advanced system for pets available in any MMORPG. We know you guys want to collect as many pets as possible, and the reasons are legion: it could be that you want to be recognized as the most barbaric, fearful player; or you're looking for the best way to support your team... or maybe just for the sake of collecting them all!
Many times, we've been reading comments about new pets, new ideas, what they could be. We heard that, and the truth is, we absolutely loved some of those ideasThe developers did too, and stepped up to deliver.



That's it. We can't hold it anymore, the truth has to come out: in this new epic, you will be able to tame a whole lot of new monsters in-game! Isn't that great?

Already existing pets will remain the same, with the same system we all know and love. New pets are  called Soul Pets, and are separated in different tiers, benefiting from a completely new system. Soul pets will be acquired through generic Soul taming cards, divided by their representation of power. Soul Cards are used to tame Soul Pets. These cards will be available in-game and will be able to be used right away.


Soul Taming Card<special basic class> Empty card to tame low level monsters Low level Field/Dungeon mobs
Soul Taming Card<normal basic class> Empty card to tame normal Elite monsters Elite mobs
Soul Taming Card<special rare class> Empty card to tame special rare monsters Field bosses & dungeon middle bosses
Soul Taming Card<unique> Empty card to tame unique monsters Named mobs


We've created a flowchart to help you with understanding how to tame a Soul Pet. Click on it to have it opened in full resolution.


Soul Taming System


The monster's attributes (beast, human, dragon, mecca, devil, angel, undead, soul, no form) will affect the skills available for each type of combat preference your pet has.


The new monster classes can be differenciated through simplified UI icons:


Basic Rare Special Unique Veracruz (name) Instance


Active and passive skills are chosen according to the form of the pet (amongst 5 forms available) and its type (19 available).

One active and one passive skills are added according to the form, same goes for the type.
On the active taming system, whenever you tame a monster available to, say, Hawk Man Cards, your tamed pet will look the same as your friend. The Soul Pet taming system retains the original skin of the tamed pet, which means that a demon with two skin colors can be tamed in these two colours!


Tame the monsters that were once your ennemies!

As an example, every basic pet has a total point count of 80, reparted as follows:


STR 20 20 5 5 5
VIT 24 16 8 8 8
DEX 10 18 23 5 5
AGI 6 6 19 5 5
INT 5 5 5 28 25
WIS 5 5 10 19 22
LUK 10 10 10 10 10


As you can see, tanks are focused on Vitality and Strength, whereas, close combat DPS pets have some more Dexterity added. Ranged pets will benefit from the highest Dexterity with a nice Agility. Finally, magic DPS and healer pets have high Intelligence and Wisdom to provide the healing or blast of magic  power needed.


One of our staff member tamed a monstruous beast using a brutal mace as a healing wand!

Soul pets have a lower amount of skill compared to your existing pets. Although it may seem like a downside, this system has been put in place so that any Soul Pet will be able to learn all the available skills to him, while providing greater gameplay customization. Who will find the best healer pet in-game? What will it look like? The next months are going to be very interesting, and, we're sure, fun to play!

Make the monsters' powers your own!

And that's not all! We have some exciting news for our high level players as well! Dungeons, but for Master Class experts. Stay tuned! 
Keep an eye on our website, and in the meantime, do not forget to prepare yourself for a new beginning! Your character seems to be ready? Think twice about it!
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