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Community News - Dungeon Rebalancing Preview - Part 1

Rappelz Epic 8.2Adventurers of Rappelz!


We would like to take this opportunity to present you with our thoughts and tests thus far regarding the creation process of the new Epic VIII Part 2. We know our loyal players want to refresh their gaming experience by being able to meet new players who are joining the veteran adventurers, and we are working on that. Today, we will look at one of the features that will make it easier for many players jumping into Rappelz for the first time. Let's have a look at the dungeon experience when you first start  playing Rappelz.


 Please note that all you read or see is not final and is subject to change with or without prior notice.





Developers have regularly received, with the help of your gPotato staff, many comments regarding the state of the game. We keep on sending helpful comments and constructive critiscism to them, as they have proven to be invaluable assets for the developement of the game.


We know that new players have difficulty staying involved in the community as a whole due to levelling issues.


With the release of the Epic VIII Part 2, you will now be able to avoid playing alone when you start off your character and you will make friends in-game more easily. Our developers are planning to do the following to help you in your fresh start:


  • Reduce the difference between veteran and new players
  • Reward group play
  • Provide the means for new players to speed up levelling



At this stage of the game, our advanced players, having access to high level items and pets, are able to go through early dungeons rather easily; while new players experience the same content at the designed level of difficulty. The difference between these 2 game-plays will be reduced by making the game-play of the dungeons easier overall, while still keeping the challenges that make dungeons a game-learning experience.



An MMORPG is always better played in a group. We want to give incentives to levelling players in order to favor groups. New rewards will be introduced for players between levels 30 and 110. The better rewards will help players find groups more easily, thanks to the boost they will provide.



The introduction of new repeatable dungeon quests will make levelling your character faster than ever, up to level 110~120. We want to satisfy new players with personal achievements on the way to the master classes. The following dungeons will be affected:


  • Relics of Arid Moonlight (Level 30 to 50)
  • Lost Mines (Level 50 to 70)
  • Crystal Valley (Level 70 to 90)
  • Hidden Crystal Valley (Level 70 to 90, harder dungeon)
  • Palmir Remains (Level 90 to 110)
  • Hidden Palmir Remains (Level 90 to 110, harder dungeon)


We plan on releasing more information regarding the dungeon rebalancing soon. Keep an eye on our website, and in the meantime, do not forget to prepare yourself for a new beginning!


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Your Rappelz Team

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