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Community News - Let's have a look at... Rappelz Epic 8.2, shall we?!

Dear players,


We are sincerely pleased to be able share with you some of the most recent news from our developers. Some of you have been wondering why the Korean Test Server is still not yet live. After all, you have been expecting it for a few months now! There is a good reason for this, and what you are about to discover will far exceed your expectations!


Before diving into detailing the few screenshots and artworks that will be given to you here, let's take a moment to explain why you will not find everything in this news. All that you will see here is brand new, and was only shared with us yesterday. We were really excited to read the documents, and in a heart beat, we knew we had to give you whatever we could right away.

We hope that you will enjoy the quick introduction made here.


Rest assured that we'll go into more detail as soon as we can; we are planning to release Community News with more artworks, more screenshots, more of everything!


When you are happy with what you see below, please make sure to vote on our survey on Facebook! YOU have the power to influence the name of this brand new Epic!


Without any transition whatsoever, here is the good news:


  • A User Interface revamp
  • Rebalancing of lower level dungeons for easier access to any new player
  • Four new dungeons (yes, four!)
  • A whole lot of new pets to tame and grow (we'll detail this later on!)


It really feels like Rappelz has been reborn. We cannot express how much we want to share even more with you when we have it ready, so in the meantime, enjoy the following pictures!




Come to me, my dear adventurerssssss.... 



Witch Follower

Dark powers have engulfed my living shell... It feels good!



Dragon Bone

 Who dares to awaken me?



New cards in design?


 Please note that all you see and read is not final and is subject to change with or without prior notice.

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Once you're done, you can resume your play time on Rappelz and get ready for a whole set of new adventures!

Your gPotato staff 


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