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Server Merge Notice 12/04 - 12/05


Server Merge Notice 12/04/2012


There will be a server merge performed during the weekly scheduled maintenance at 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8). The server merge and maintenance will last approximately 10 hours.


New Merged Servers: 


Baphomet      (Fenrir + Bahamut)     

Undine      (Naga + Tortus + Pantera)

Unicorn      (No Merge)     
Tyrant      (New Server)
Merge Policy:
Character Storage
If a player has multiple characters (over 6 in total) on different servers the 6 in the character slots will be given priority to the highest level characters. The rest of the characters will be stored for the time being.
Duplicate Names
Characters with the highest level out of the duplicate name characters will keep their names. The lower level's with duplicate names will have their name changed to c"haracter name+001" merged and will be given a name change scroll.
Guilds with the highest number of members will keep their guild names. Guilds with with duplicate names but have lower populations will be given a guild name change (the implementation of this is to be announced).
If there are more than 1000 items in storage there will be a priority system in place for what will be kept:
CashShop>Pet>CharacterGear>Misc Items
Dungeon Ownership
Dungeon Ownership will be reset after the server merge.
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