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Weekend Sales Update


Weekend Sales Update 08/31/12


This weekend, we are offering exclusive discount on Character Re-specialization Potion & Tamer's Pack [Death Tyrant] & [White Dragon]! Also, how about testing your luck this weekend with the Lucky Box of Golem I & II?


Character Re-Specialization Potion - (30% OFF)


This unique potion returns all JP used from obtaining Skills and Spells!


Tamer's Pack [Death Tyrant / White Dragon]-  (40% OFF)


This special package includes 3 T-Protects + 3 Summoning Scrolls + 1 Pet Card!


Lucky Box of Golem I, II


Feeling lucky today? Test your luck with Lucky Box of Golem!


Lucky Box of Golem I:

- Guarantees to give 3 Animal Crackers & also a chance to win any number of the followings:


1) Premium Stable Pass (7 day) x 1

2) Creature Resurrection Spellbook x 5

3) Creature Name Change x 1

4) Creature Re-specialization Potion x 1

5) Stone Golem Summoning Scroll x 10



Lucky Box of Golem II:

- Guarantees to give 2 Stamina Savers & also a chance to win any number of the followings:


1) Animal Cracker

2) 2 Premium Stable Pass (7-day)

3) 5 God Mother Fairys

4) 2 Lucky Potions

5) 2 E-Protect Powders

6) Ancient Chaos Stone

7) Empty Golem Card


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