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Hot Summer Sale


Hot Summer Sale 8/16/12


From the 16th to 28th, enjoy the lowest price of the year! Hundreds of items are marked down for the convenience of your gaming experience. Deals will last until the 28th! Be the smart shopper and stock up now!


50% OFF!

(Located in the Special Package section)


1. Soulstone Package (10) + FREE 21-day HV Pass

2. 90-day HV Pass

3. E-Repair Package (5)

4. BRAND NEW WINGS (28-day) + FREE 7-day HV Pass


- Gargoyle's Wings

- Wings of The Divine Council

- Lima's Wings

- Barbarian's Wings


5. Stamina Saver Value Pack (30)

6. Animal Cracker Value Pack (50)

7. Ancient Strike Cube (10) + FREE BONUS (Rank V ~ VII)

8. Ancient Defense Cubes (10) + FREE BONUS (Rank V ~ VII)

9. World Buff Package

10. BRAND NEW Timed Boss Pets - Lucky Box (15-day & 30-day)

(+2,000 maxium weight!)


- Abhuva

- Primal Scream

- Tarandia

- Crustalino

- Likirus

- Soul Seeker

- Takin

- Betrayal

- Ashmaw

- Sand Lord Kynish

- Bear Mother

- Silex

- Aurumis

- Draka

- Obsidikar

- Butkadah


65% OFF!

(Located in the Special Package section)


1. E-Protect Mega Pack (30)


75% OFF or MORE!

(Located in the Special Package section)


1. Super Growth Potion Value Pack (10)

2. ALL MOUNTS 30-day (including new mounts)


- Phantom Quilin

- Phantom Tiger

- Phantom Lydian


3. ALL DECO ITEMS 28-day (including new deco bags)


- Charming Soul Bag

- Frostbitten Bag

- Riley's Backpack

- Riley's Bag

- Traveling Gear 


4. Scroll of Rebirth





Top 3 spenders will receive FREE bonus gPotatoes equal to 50% of their purchase amounts between August 16th and August 31st!



August 16th ~ August 31st



1. Only the purchases that are made between 8/16 and 8/31 (PDT) will count toward this promotion.

2. Top 3 spenders will be compensated with bonus gPotatoes.

3. Purchase does not need to be made in the forms of payment above - Mobile payment/game cards/etc will also count toward this promotion.

4. Total amount will be calculated on September 3rd, and the bonus gPotatoes will be distributed by the 7th.


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