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Weekend Sales Update


Weekend Sales Update 7/27/12


This weekend, you will get the chance to get the boss cards you have been waiting for! Claim your own Butkadah Boss Card through Lucky Box of Butkadah! Also, take advantage of E-Protect Mega Pack! 30 E-Protects at 65% OFF discounted sale price!


E-Protect Mega Pack (30) - 65% OFF


E-Protects prevent your precious gear from breaking due to a failed enchantment!


Lucky Box of Butkadah


This box guarantees to give you 1 Super Growth Potion + 1 Animal Cracker! Also, you have chance to win one of the followings:

* Butkadah Card 

* Betrayal Card 

* Ultimate Witch Card

* Draka Card

* Crustalino Card

* Dominatus the Mad Card


Lucky Box of Sand Lord Kynish


This box guarantees to give you 1 Stamina Saver + 1 Animal Cracker! Also, you have chance to win one of the followings:

* Sand Lord Kynish Card

* Obsidikar Card

* Queen Eva Card

* Queen Eratia Card

* Lady Ruina Card

* Kiscia Card


Weekend Daily Dollar Menu (7/27 ~ 7/31)


- Daily Deals will be updated everyday before 6:00PM PDT -

[E.G. Daily Deals for 7/18 will be updated at on 7/17]


7/28: Saturday


1. Altered Pieces of Agility x5
2. Altered Pieces of Dexterity x5
3. Altered Pieces of Intelligence x5
4. Altered Pieces of Strength x5
5. Altered Pieces of Vitality x5
6. Altered Pieces of Wisdom x5


7/29: Sunday


1. Lucky Potion x3
2. Feather of Summon x10
3. Feather of Return x5
4. Feather of Teleportation x5

7/30: Monday


1. Disguise Potions - Orcs x5
2. Disguise Potions - Salamander x5
3. Disguise Potions - Siren x5
4. Disguise Potions - Skeleton x5
5. Disguise Potions - Yeti x5
6. Disguise Potions - Blue Pixie x5

7/31: Tuesday


1. Animal Cracker x2
2. Ardent Altered Pieces x10
3. Armored Altered Pieces x10
4. Creature Resurrection Spellbook x5
5. Devoted Altered Pieces x10
6. Eager Altered Pieces x10
7. Fiendish Altered Pieces x10
8. Forceful Altered Pieces
9. Polished Altered Pieces x10
10. Rapid Altered Pieces x10
11. Resilient Altered Pieces x10
12. Savage Altered Pieces x10
13. Spiritual Altered Pieces x10
14. Sturdy Altered Pieces x10
15. Healthy Altered Pieces x10


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