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Weekly Sales Update


Weekly Sales Update 7/25/12


It is time to upgrade your armor and necklace Upgrade your armors with peace of mind using Ancient Defense Cubes! They provide 30% bonus success rate than normal defense cubes! Also, don't forget to check out the Ancient Chaos Stone for your necklace!


Ancient Defense Cube (10) - 50% OFF


Ancient Defense Cubes have a 30% increased chance of success compared to normal Defense Cubes! Upgrade your armors today!


Ancient Chaos Stone - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE


When used, this item upgrades the level of the Chaos Stone in a Necklace by 1. This special item works on Lv10~Lv19 Chaos Stones.


Secret Feathers (Secret Dungeon Accessible)


This special new items resemble similar functionality as the old feathers. But they have been upgraded to travel to Secret Dungeons!

Weekly Daily Dollar Menu (7/25 ~ 7/27)


- Daily Deals will be updated everyday before 6:00PM PDT -

[E.G. Daily Deals for 7/18 will be updated at on 7/17]


7/25: Wednesday


1. God Mother Fairy's Bottle x2
2. Immorality Soap x1
3. Vacation Tent (30-day) x1
4. Stamina Saver x2


7/26: Thursday


1. Ancient Horseshoe (30-day) x1
2. Creature Name Change x5
3. Secret Feather of Union x3

7/27: Friday


1. Augmentation of Chaos x3
2. Composition of Chaos x2
3. Reinforcement of Chaos x1


*Daily Deals for Saturday ~ Tuesday will be updated with Friday News Post.


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