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Weekly Sales Update


Weekly Sales Update 7/17/12


It is time to upgrade your weaponsand belt! Upgrade your weapon with peace of mind using Ancient Strike Cubes! They provide 30% bonus success rate than normal strike cubes! Also, don't forget to check out the Ultimate Belt Upgrade Kit for your belt slots!


Ancient Strike Cube (10) - 50% OFF


Ancient Strike Cubes have a 30% increased chance of success compared to normal Strike Cubes! Upgrade your weapon today!


Ultimate Belt Upgrade Kit - 20% OFF


This special item unlocks one of the final two slots on your belt. Combine this item with your belt to increase its slot capacity!


Weekend Daily Dollar Menu (7/18 ~ 7/24)


- Daily Deals will be updated everyday before 6:00PM PDT -

[E.G. Daily Deals for 7/18 will be updated at on 7/17]


7/18: Wednesday


1. God Mother Fairy's Bottle x2
2. Immorality Soap x1
3. Vacation Tent (30-day) x1
4. Stamina Saver x2


7/19: Thursday


1. Ancient Horseshoe (30-day) x1
2. Creature Name Change x5
3. Feather of Union x3

7/20: Friday


1. Augmentation of Chaos x3
2. Composition of Chaos x2
3. Reinforcement of Chaos x1


*Daily Deals for Saturday ~ Tuesday will be updated with Friday News Post.


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