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The legend says that the Cubes deleted all their traces and withdrew when the ancient died. However, after Espoir raged on Gaia and disordered all magic, the cube’s hideout was revealed. An expedition to the dungeon was done, to find the exact place of it and to find out what lies within it. When the expedition searched the place they found the entrance to the dungeon in a frozen waterfall. As they entered cubric and researched all symbols the expedition learned a lot about it. The dungon was built to worship a god with the name “Butkadah” who was built by ancient cubes. The prophecy tells that Gaia will collapse if Butkada. is able to leave the dungeon. Since then, the strongest heroes of Gaia enter cubric to fight back Butkadah, to stop him from breaking out and destroying Gaia.





From Rondo:


Leave Rondo trough the northern gates and follow the Cherry Blossom Road. On the first fork, turn left. Skip the second fork and on the third, turn right. Walk along the path through the mountains until you reach the next fork. Now turn left and follow the path, turn left again and keep following the path. You can also take a shortcut by walking straight north-west, but be aware of the monsters. You will soon reach the NPC Silpineu who can help to get to the lost island. Use the portal near him to get to the lost island. Now that you are on the lost island you should watch out for the monsters. There are plenty of aggressive monsters just waiting to attack you.


To reach the Cube Dungeon, take the path to the right and keep going east. Then follow the path north, and turn right on the second fork. You will now access the frozen Kainen Lake. Keep going north-east towards the frozen waterfall, you will then reach the entrance to the dungeon.














Yaksa West 180

Yaksa East 180

Butkadah 185