The Pets

Rappelz the Pets




Basic Normal Rare



Normal Basic Special Rare



Special Basic Unique



One of the main features of Rappelz is its in-depth pet system. Players are able to obtain empty pet cards which they can use to attempt to tame creatures, allowing them to use these captured creatures as pets.


Pets have multiple forms or evolutions. Each evolution of a pet has a distinct appearance and offers new abilities to the pets. If a player uses a pet that is significantly higher level than they are then the pet becomes weaker. This is so a low level player with a very high level pet is not extremely overpowered.


Also, pets will only gain experience when they are lower in level than their owner. Therefore, a level 52 pet on a level 50 player will not gain any more experience until the owner reaches level 53.


Finally, Forgotten Depths added a new taming system, the Soul Taming. Thanks to the Soul Cards, it is now possible to tame each Rappelz creature. These cards cannot be used to tame the monsters listed below.





Carte Basique Carte Commune Carte Commune Rare Carte Rare Carte Légendaire Carte Unique
Tortus Blue Pixie Harpy Angel Genie Death Tyrant
Poultry Octopus Hawkman Gnoll Ifrit White Dragon


Wolf Unicorn Kentauros Cerberus Mystic Koala

Orc Nightmare Naga Golem Undine
  Red Pixie Salamander Joker   Minotaurus
  Siren   Ice Maiden    Drillbot
  Skeleton   Abomination    Blight Ogre
  Yeti        Baphomet