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Rappelz the Items


Your character might grow tired of walking long distances and never see the end of item. Do not worry, you have a few options in order to increase your traveling speed and one of them is the use of mounts.



You can rent mounts in game from the Adventurer Guides available in any city.


But you can also buy premium mounts from the Guild of the Merchants. Some offers will allow you to buy permanent mounts.


But the art of taming resides in how well you can train your pet. Some of them can be mounted if you manage to teach them the skill.


Note that the fastest mount can be rented from the Adventure Guide in the Hidden Village.



You need to understand that while mounted, you cannot attack monsters. However, you can use your pet (if you are not using it as a mount at that time) to defend your character if needed while you are mounted, this could save your life.

Indeed, if you are being attacked, there is a chance you could be kicked out of your mount and stunned for a few seconds. You need to be prepared before rushing through a horde of monsters to prevent risking your life and losing experience.













 Ornitho on the seaside 200   

Red Ornitho


    Purple Ornitho           200  
    Sand Lydian            230  
    Red Lydian            230  
    Black Lydian            230  
     Ash Lydian            230  
     Blue Lydian            230  
   White Lydian            230  
           Qilin            260