What race should I choose? How to develop my character?


Like many other games, Rappelz works on a statistic system to measure the efficiency of your character. But before explaining you in details, you need to know where to find those stats in game : if you press Alt + C, the character window will appear as the one above :



It’s quite a lot of things in there. Let’s just make it simple :

  • HP : those are your life points
  • MP : those are your mana points
  • Exp : your experience in the current level
  • Strength : increases Physical Attack Power and Max Carry Weight
  • Vitality : Increases HP and Physical Defense
  • Dexterity : Increases Accuracy and Physical Attack Power when using Bows
  • Agility : Increases Evasion
  • Intelligence : Increases MP and Magical Attack Power
  • Wisdom : Increases Magical Accuracy, Magical Defence and Magical Evasion
  • Luck : increases Critical rate.